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welcome to the client lounge

We know how overwhelming the wedding planning process can be. Our goal is to make things easier for you. our client lounge is full of helpful information and tips to make the photography part of it a breeze!

Business hours are Monday - Friday from 10a - 4p.   I return emails as quickly as possible, but emails sent after hours or on weekends may take longer for me to respond to. I shoot weddings on Saturdays, so generally I am not able to be reached. Sundays are my one day off a week, and I spend it with my family.

Business / Studio Hours

I love inviting couples into my studio to talk over coffee and sweets. It gives us a chance to meet and discuss all the things you are looking for with your wedding and engagement photos. We can toss ideas around and see if we hit it off! It’s super important for me to make sure we are good fit for each other, both stylistically and personality wise. 


Booking is simple! Just let me know you’d like to work together, and I’ll send you over a proposal. The proposal allows you to choose which options and add-ons work best for you. After you build your perfect photography collection, it will take you directly over to the contract (which is digital), and once you sign that, it will automatically prompt you for the retainer, which is 30% of your total invoice. Please note: I must have your retainer and a signed contract in order for me to book your wedding date.


My retainer is 30% of the total collection price, and the remaining balance is due two weeks before the event. You can log into your client portal at any point in time and make payments towards the balance. Or, I can set up a payment plan for you to break the remaining balance into smaller payments.  


Each of my clients get their own client portal. In the client portal, there will be different tabs for your contact info, contract, invoice, and any questionnaires. At the time of booking, I will send you an email with instructions on how to set up and access your client portal. The client portal makes it a breeze for you to keep track of everything in one place. No trips to the post office, and no papers to lose!

client portal

Your contract is digital, and will be sent over to you at the time of booking. If you have an ipad or tablet, or computer with a touchscreen, you can sign the contract with your finger, or if you are accessing the contract on a computer with no touchscreen, then just move the mouse to sign your name.  


As soon as you log into your client portal and go to the Questionnaires tab, you will see two questionnaires waiting for you: a “Getting to Know You” questionnaire, and an “Engagement Session” questionnaire. 8-10 weeks prior to your wedding date, I will send you a 3rd questionnaire, which is the “Wedding Day Details” questionnaire. This questionnaire is longer, but it’s all the information I could possibly need to know about your wedding day. The questionnaires save automatically, so you don’t have to worry about completing them all at once. When you’re ready to finish the questionnaire, just log back in, and your previous answers will be there! After the wedding, I’ll also be sending you a post wedding questionnaire, which will help me write your blog post.


When you’re ready to schedule your engagement session, just shoot me an email, and we will get it on the books! Please keep in mind that if you have chosen to upgrade your engagement session to a full session, my Sundays do book up 2-3 months out. My weekdays are generally booked 1-2 weeks out.  

scheduling your engagement session

Generally, I only reschedule sessions in case of inclement weather (stormy/rainy, dangerously windy, or extreme heat with head advisories/warnings). I do not reschedule for cloudy weather. 

rescheduling policy

All of my clients will receive their images (both engagement and wedding day) in an online gallery. To download the images, you just enter your PIN number, and download link will be emailed to you. That way, you can share the gallery link with anyone you’d like, but you have complete control over who has access to download your images based on whether or not you share the PIN. Most of my couples will give the PIN to their parents, but share the gallery with their families and friends. Anyone can purchase prints from within the gallery. The prints come from a professional print lab, and will be drop shipped directly to their door. My clients love this because it cuts out you as a middle man on taking print orders from your family and friends. There will be a coupon code that I include when I send your gallery link. Anyone can use that coupon code for a discount on professional prints from the gallery, so please feel free to share it!

receiving your images

For engagement sessions, my gallery delivery turnaround time is 10-14 days. For weddings, it is generally 6-8 weeks. (In my contract, it says 90 days, but that’s just in case I would need to do any heavy retouching.) As soon as your engagement gallery is ready, I will email you the link. As soon as your wedding gallery is ready, my studio manager will contact you to set up your gallery reveal party in the studio (you can read more about that below.)

turnaround times

I meet with each of my clients before the wedding to go over timelines and the wedding day details. I usually schedule the meeting 2-3 weeks prior to the wedding when all the planning details have been finalized. We can meet in person and talk over a cup of coffee, or if you’re strapped for time, we can schedule a phone call. If you need timeline help before that point, send me a text or email, and we will set up a time to chat. I’m an expert at wedding day timelines, so don’t be afraid to ask for help! That’s what I’m here for!

pre-wedding meeting

On your wedding day, you will run the full gamut of emotions! I’ll be there almost the entire day, even though you might not always be aware of it! I’ll capture all the details, as well as those emotionally charged moments. You wedding gallery will tell the story of your wedding day.  

wedding day

A few days after the wedding, I’ll send you an email reminding you of turnaround times, the link to pre-register for the wedding gallery, and your post wedding questionnaire.  

post wedding

As soon as your wedding gallery is ready, my studio manager will contact you to schedule our wedding gallery reveal party in the studio. You can invite all of your favorite people. We will have snacks and drinks, and everyone will sit down and watch a slideshow of your wedding day highlights. I will also have an album design already completed for you that you can preview on the TV screen as well. If you would like to purchase wall art or an album, your gallery reveal party is the time to do it! I offer a 25% discount on albums, prints, custom USB drives, and canvases purchased during your reveal party. You can also purchase a DVD of the wedding day slideshow!

wedding gallery reveal party

Although I will have a completed album design for you at the reveal party, you’re not stuck with it! The album design will also be uploaded to our design proofer website, where you are free to make any changes. You can add spreads, remove spreads, and swap out photos. It’s your wedding album, and I want you to love it! As soon as you have approved the design, we will order your album. Our exquisite fine art albums are handmade in Europe, and that kind of quality takes time to produce! It generally takes 3-4 months for the entire process, from album design, construction, and shipping.

album design

what to expect





Engagement sessions can be done wherever you'd like.  Some of my couples choose to do an in-home lifestyle session. Some will choose the location of where they met, their first date, or where they got engaged. You can even plan a date night together and I'll tag along with my camera!  Engagement sessions usually last anywhere from 1-2 hours, depending on the number of locations we go to and the number of clothing changes. 
I will have your engagement gallery ready for you in about two weeks. Galleries include 60-80 images, although, there usually ends up being way more because I love everything we shoot!  

tell me about engagement sessions 

Deciding what to wear is stressful, and we wanted to eliminate that stress! We work with the incredibly talented local stylist, Elizabeth Anne Styling. Elizabeth will schedule a one hour consultation with you, either in person or via video chat.  She will work with you to create an inspiration board for your session, and help plan your wardrobe for the shoot, either by going through your closet and putting together pieces you already own, by picking out new clothes, or a mix of both!  

What is the personal styling services?

Most clients generally need between 8-10 hours of wedding day coverage. During our consultation, we’ll go over everything and I will help you determine how much coverage you will need.  We (me and my assistant and/or the second photographer) start at the tail end of getting ready, when hair and makeup is mostly done for the ladies (no one wants photos of themselves not looking their absolute best!) and the guys are all showered and set.  I will capture all of your attire details, the finishing touches on your hair/makeup, and of course, you two getting into your gown or tux.  We will be with you all day, through about the first two hours of the reception, when all of the main events, like the cake cutting, toasts, formal dances, bouquet/garter (if you’re into that), and a few songs of your guests having fun on the dance floor. 

If you're not quite sure how much time you'll need right now, that's fine! You can always estimate on the low side and add more time later on if you need to.  Closer to the wedding date, we'll sit down together and go over everything and work out a timeline.  

how do i know how much coverage i will need?

The number of images really depends on the length of the day, as well as the events of the day. In general though, you can expect 40-60 images per hour of coverage. (If you really think about that, it’s almost one image per minute of your wedding day!)

how many images do we get?

My main focus on a wedding day is the couple getting married. A second photographer focuses on the people around the couple getting married- the wedding party, your parents/families, etc. A second photographer captures things from a different angle. During the toasts, for example, my main focus is on you and the person giving the toast. A second photographer would not only be capturing it from a different angle, but also capturing your guests’ reactions and expressions. If I am in a position where I can grab a shot of your mom laughing, I will do that- but often, the spot where I can best capture you means I can’t see her face. And unfortunately, the room layouts of most venues mean I am not able to easily move from one spot to another because I am stuck between guest tables. As far as whether you really NEED a second photographer or not, that depends on the situation. Since I am only one person, I can only be in one place at a time. If your wedding is in a church or cathedral where the photographer is only allowed to stand in one place and cannot move from that place, then yes, I definitely recommend having a second photographer. If you want photos of both of you getting ready, but you’re getting ready at the same time in two completely different locations that are quite a distance apart, then yes, I would definitely recommend having a second photographer. But other than that, no. I don’t think a second photographer is necessary.

What are the benefits of having a second photographer? Do I really need one?

There are a million articles out there on why you should consider having a first look.  A first look is a personal choice. The so-called “tradition” behind the bride and groom not seeing each other before the wedding is pretty outdated (not to mention kind of insulting to women).  If you are having a Catholic mass at 2pm and your reception isn’t until 7pm, then having a first look isn’t at all necessary to the day, and you can do what you’d like. (Although, I will say that when I got married, we didn’t do a first look because his family was sooo against it, and guess what? I do NOT remember what my husband’s face looked like when I walked down the aisle. I barely remember the ceremony. If we had done a first look, I would most definitely remember that. And honestly, I would probably have then remembered more of the ceremony because I wouldn’t have been so nervous.) 

But let’s say you’re having your wedding and reception in the same location, and the reception is immediately following the ceremony, with a 1 hour cocktail hour in between. This is when I highly, highly recommend doing a first look. 

what are the benefits of doing a first look?



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I know it seems like one hour is plenty of time for all the photos you want, but it’s not. Family formal photos take somewhere around 30 minutes for just your immediate families- and no, it doesn’t matter that you only have one sibling each… it still takes that long to get everyone arranged and looking at MY camera, not to mention having to stop for 3 minutes with each grouping so your family members who insist on snapping a photo or two with their cell phone can get the shot, too. If you plan to include extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins) you’re looking at upwards of 45 mins to an hour. The more people, the longer it takes to corral everyone, especially during the high emotions and excitement in the room just after a wedding ceremony. Your family and friends are sooo excited for you after the ceremony. They just want to hug you and congratulate you and chat with you. Your family members will also be hugging and chatting with guests. It will take you nearly half of the cocktail hour just to get your guests over to the cocktail hour and to get your family members to cooperate long enough to take the photos. And no, it won’t matter if you have the officiant make an announcement that the guests need to go to the cocktail hour so you can take photos. In fact, most of your guests will think to themselves, “Well, we’re close friends/family/etc. so that doesn’t apply to me.” Every time you escape one joyous guest, you’ll have another 3 behind them, all the while your anxiety and stress level is rising, because TIME! There’s no escaping the dreaded family formals, so what you end up having to give on is the photos of the two of you. And aren’t those photos supposed to be the most important ones?!?! 

Yes, you can take photos with your bridesmaids and the groom with the groomsmen before the ceremony, but we’ll still want to get a few shots of the entire wedding party together. In my experience, taking some of the family formals beforehand won’t really save any time. (In fact, it will take twice as long.) We still need all the same people after the ceremony to get family photos with both of you in them. What ends up happening is that we rush through the family formals and the full wedding party photos, and only get 2 minutes to take one or two formal shots of the two of you. You’re stressed, overwhelmed and feeling rushed, and so am I. You’re also going to look stressed and rushed in your photos. You don’t want to leave your guests hungry and annoyed, sitting and waiting on you for another 30 minutes. We can TRY to sneak out during the reception for a few minutes to take a few photos, but I promise you, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to do so, and it’s also kinda rude to your guests (who again, do NOT care about you taking photos, and will stop you every 4 feet on the way out the door). This is when a first look would be beneficial. You get ready, have your first look, spend a few minutes ALONE during YOUR wedding day to talk and just be together. Then we do photos with your wedding party, followed by portraits of the two of you, and we finish with your family formals, ending those about 30 minutes before the ceremony. Then you’re free to actually enjoy your ceremony. You can hug your friends and family after the ceremony, and you can visit with your guests during the cocktail hour, and all the while, we will be getting some amazing candids of everyone! There’s no rushing, no stress, no anxiety. You actually have the opportunity to enjoy the day you spent so much time (and money) planning.

I give a print release with all of my images. This allows you to print and share your images to your hearts content. A copyright release means that I would no longer be able to use any of the photos. I do not give away copyright release, because I have to be able to show brides and grooms to be my past work. I’m pretty sure you would never hire a photographer if you couldn’t see their work!

What is the difference between copyright release and print release?

Yes, definitely! Locations for photos is one of the things we will discuss during our consultation. We’ll come up with a great plan that works with your timeline, works with your venue locations, and has the type of scenery you are wanting for your photos. 

We are not sure where to go for photos… Do you have any suggestions?

Well, if it rains, it rains. And that’s ok! Your wedding day is what you make of it! I have backup rain plans for each of my couples, as well as heat plans or cold weather plans. Everything really depends on what area we will be near. If we are near the city, we have tons of options for inclement weather. There are beautiful, covered places everywhere! And if all else fails, umbrellas!  

What if it rains?

the jnkp photo spot

The JNK Photo Spot is a fun alternative to a traditional photobooth!  The photobooth comes with your choice of gold, silver, or black sequined backdrop, and we bring the props!   Photobooth photos are added to an online gallery, which will be available the very next day. Guests can visit the gallery link to download their photos to print and share on social media.  Couples receive a 4×6 spiral bound keepsake flip book of all the photobooth photos.